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Dawn Reader
from Open Door Coffee Co.; Hudson, OH; Oct. 26, 2016

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

More News from MedWorld

I saw my Primary Care Physician (PCP) yesterday, and she has set me up to see three new specialists: an ophthalmologist, a neurologist, and a cardiologist. From the cardio guy I will "get' to wear what's called a Holter monitor--a device that continuously records my heart activity. For a week! (Here's a link to more info about the device.)
The good news: I don't have to bathe or shower for a week.

The bad news: I can't bathe or shower for a week.

Joyce is already preparing the back bedroom ... for herself? for me? (Kidding: She has always endured the unendurable.)

I've warned the coffee shop that their business will plummet near the end of next week. I will place on my table some various containers of Glade, as needed. Now I will find out--for sure!--who loves me!

The eye doctor will try to determine if there's some eyeball-reasons that my vision is continuously blurry now. The neurologist will examine ... well, you know: He will see if what my recent brain MRI declared (unremarkable brain) has any subtleties or complications.

Meanwhile, I'm back on a low dosage (5mg) of my BP med--the one I'd thought was causing all of this. We'll see.

I am stronger now--able to do more (slowly, carefully). But my PCP has told me not to exercise until we get some resolution, and not exercising is just ... odd to me. It's been part of my routines for years--decades really. Jogging (Back in the Day), stationary biking, rowing the machine that goes nowhere, walking laps, doing some sets of curls with some weights ... now ... Naps instead! (Good News/Bad News, eh?)

And because the Lupron I'm on to retard my metastasizing prostate cancer has the wonderful side-effect of adding weight to its recipient, I have had to cut back even more on what I eat every day. I don't want to go through that dreary weight-loss stuff all over again.

Now here's where it gets weird: One of the things that's really bothered me is what to do about so many of the poems I've memorized (205 and counting).

I have some sets of them that I've always done during the morning--in the shower, walking to and from the coffee shop, at the coffee shop (silently, silently).

But there were also sets I did out at the health club--riding the exercise bike, walking laps--and it's those poems (a pretty good chunk of them) that I'm having to assign to new parts of my day--until (if?) I get back to the health club.

I'm gradually figuring out the best times of the day to do them--but (yes, yes: I'm a nerd) the frustrating part has been ... adjustment. (Old Guys do not like that!)

But, you know, I worked too hard to shove them into my brain and do not want them to die of neglect. 'Twould be a shame.

Of course, it's always possible those poems will flee anyway, once they get a whiff of me next week!

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