Dawn Reader

Dawn Reader
from Open Door Coffee Co.; Hudson, OH; Oct. 26, 2016

Monday, May 29, 2017

Monday Miffs & Musings

The day started off resembling The Normal. I was up about 6. Fussed with the computer a bit. Headed over to Open Door Coffee Co. about 7, noticing, as I was crossing the Hudson Green, that people had already set up their lawn chairs along Main Street: The parade would begin at 10.

At the coffee shop, I did my usual reading--and chatted briefly with a former WRA teaching colleague--and a former student there from, oh, 1980. Always fun. I wrote some doggerel to fit into the series "Around the World in the Good Ship Doggerel," a series you can find on my blog called ... Daily Doggerel!

When I got home (about ten minutes before the parade commenced--tons of people along Main Street; we enjoyed the music--we live just a block away), I knew there was trouble waiting for me. For some reason I have not, the past couple of days, been able even to open my anti-virus program; I've not been able to copy-and-paste files from Word into other apps. Big trouble. I often write something in Word, then paste it into one of my two blogs--this one + Daily Doggerel. But when I tried to do so the last couple of day, it doesn't work; instead, Word freezes up, and I have to re-start it.

I tried all kinds of things--checked the Internet for information from anyone else who'd been experiencing the problem; sent a note to Blogspot; talked with someone there who suspected a virus.


I called my anti-virus folks, and they quickly identified the problem (after taking over my computer), but it took them about a couple of hours to vaccinate my computer (so to speak) and to re-install the damaged software.

Meanwhile, we headed out to see King Arthur in Aurora--the new Guy Ritchie film that is not impressing audiences too much. Joyce and I were joined by one other patron for the 1:05 3-D showing. Joyce and I graciously shared our popcorn with each other--models of civility, we.

I'll write more about the film in the next installment of "Sunday Sundries"; suffice to say: liked some aspects of it, didn't like some others.

Back home, and the Big Moment arrived: Could I copy-and-paste from Word into my blog?

I booted up the machine. Copied some text. Opened a blog form. Hit Ctrl-V for Paste.


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