Dawn Reader

Dawn Reader
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Friday, July 19, 2013

Spoon River Middle School: 30

Omnee Voar

Disciplinary Form: Witness

I didn’t really see nothing.  I mean, I was at the table where it happened, but I wasn’t really paying attention.  I was eating.  Chris was talking about hunting or something, and then I hear all this noise, people are scooting their chairs back real fast, like when someone cuts one, so I look up and see something sort of strange.  Terry is standing there with his fists up, and Chris is sort of slumped over, and then Chris sort of turns his head sidewise.  Weird.  And then Terry hits him again, right in the face.  And Chris falls over on the floor.  And by then Mr. Dutie was there and broke it all up.
So I saw the second punch.  But the first one, well, I was eating, not paying attention.  So I don’t really know anything.  Sorry.

Andee St. Cloud

Disciplinary Form: Witness

I seen the whole thing.  But I didn’t hear nothing.  Here’s why.
Me and … (forget it—I’m not giving out any names) … were outside by one of the windows.  Just talking.  Not smoking, like you think.  Just talking.  And, anyway, I just happened to be looking in the window, and I seen that Crowe kid walk over to that Cross kid’s table.  And Crowe, he just like taps the Cross kid on the shoulder, and when he turns around, Cross, well, Crowe pops him a good one, right in the face.  One of those big right hooks.  Wham.  And the Cross kid, here’s the weird part, here’s what he done next.
Kids’ chairs are flying, guys are jumping up, and that Crowe kid has his fists all up again.  And then the weirdest thing happened.  The Cross kid, he doesn’t fight back (I always thought he was chicken).  You know what he done?  He like turns his head to one side, like he offers his face as a target for Crowe.  And Crowe, like he don’t even hesitate.  Bam!  Nails him again.  And Cross is all on the floor now, and here comes a teacher, I think it was Mr. Dutie, to stop it after it’s all over, of course.
So I just turn around to my friends and tell them what I seen.  And then we all … talked some more.  That’s all we done.  Honest.  We just talked.

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