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Dawn Reader
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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Yet Another Collection of Doggerel

I just now (about 11 a.m.) uploaded to Kindle Direct the most recent (3-month) collection of pieces from my Daily Doggerel blog--and from Facebook. It won't be ready for purchase for a couple of hours, but it's there, waiting for you; I'll post on FB when it's actually available.

Anyway, here is the Foreword to the collection ... just to whet (or destroy) your appetite ...


Yes, here comes another one!
As some of you readers of my recent volumes of light (very light) verse know, I’ve been obsessed with words in these (perhaps too) frequent collections of doggerel that now clog and clutter the servers at Kindle Direct. In the past few years I’ve written about all sort of words—ones that annoy, ones that are odd, ones that deal with animals, with madness … and on and on.
In this newest volume—Sound and Sense (and get ready: A few months hence, there’s going to be a second volume on the same theme!)—I’ve focused on two sorts of words: contronyms (words that have definitions that contradict each other—e.g., sanction can mean approve and disapprove)[i] and homophones (words that sound the same but are not spelled the same—e.g., but and butt, heroin and heroine).
In my Daily Doggerel blog I’ve been posting each day a little contronym/homophone ditty that plays with the words-of-my-day. And because I’ve also linked Daily Doggerel to Facebook, my “friends” there have been able to hone their scroll-but-don’t-pause-to-read skills—very necessary abilities in these social-media days when we’re all overwhelmed with useless information. (And I’ll confess: I’m a frequent abuser of Facebook and place many demands on those foolish friends who risk their sanity and self-respect by reading my (too many) posts.)
For this collection (as I did for the others) I’ve consigned to hell’s fire a few pieces which, on a second reading, clearly deserve—no, demand—incineration. (Perhaps someone else had written them? Slipped them onto my blog site without my noticing? That’s the only explanation I can think of?!) Missing dates in the text will tell you which ones are now ash. (I “burned” them, of course, only with the Delete key, not in hell. Even Satan his high standards for verse.)
I’ve also included here what I call “Desultory Doggerel,” little snippets of verse about things I’ve noticed the past several months—or experienced. Animals that have crossed the road (or have failed to do so … RIP), people who have crossed my path, strange ideas that have crossed my mind—these and other topics find their way into the desultory doggerel and end up on Facebook and—now—in your Kindle.
Finally, I’ve also included here what in earlier volumes I’ve been calling “wolferel”—a word I’ve coined for lines that lie somewhere in that uncharted terrain (wasteland?) between Doggerel and Poetry. These pieces have left Doggerel behind, have knocked knocked knocked on heaven’s door—i.e., at the door of Poetry—but the Gatekeeper, upon opening, has taken but one look (or whiff?) before slamming shut that Golden Gate, the wolferel visa insufficient to impress the border authorities.
Howls of dismay at the cruel moon.
—Daniel Dyer, September 10, 2016

[i] A word that dates back only to 1962, says the Oxford English Dictionary, whose definition is clear and simple: a word with two opposite or contradictory meanings.

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