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Dawn Reader
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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

How Did We EVER Get Anything Done?

I'm retired, as many of you know. I retired more than once, actually. From the Aurora (Ohio) City Schools (January 1997), from Western Reserve Academy (June 2011).

But what I've been wondering about as I reel through the autumn of the year (and my life): How on earth did I ever get anything done when I was working full-time?

It seems I spend much of my time these days whirling around doing errands of various sorts, errands that are, of course, of enormous importance. Perhaps globally so.

This week alone (and we're just mid-week), look at what I've managed to accomplish, errand-wise:

  • I went to Marc's last night and bought some pomegranate juice and a couple kinds of baking flour (they have a nice selection of Bob's Red Mill products).
  • I just now mailed a letter to my mom.
  • I dealt with some computer/printer issues online.
  • I went out every night after supper this week to get a Diet Coke with Joyce.
  • I cleaned off the top of the dining room table--our Dumping Spot for mail, newspapers, assorted clutter, stuff-we-don't-know-what-to-do-with.
  • Yesterday, got a flu shot at CVS and--wimp! wimp!--nearly cried aloud (the tech was not the most ... tender I've ever met).
  • I filed some things I'd clipped from magazines and newspapers.
    • As I've written here before, I have no idea why I keep doing this--this routine I followed when I was teaching--clippings about books, authors, etc.
  • I baked bread on Sunday and some scones yesterday (I have one for breakfast every day; this week--cherry-walnut).
  • I  prepared and cooked all our evening meals.
  • I made our bed every morning. (Rule: Last one up does the bed, and Joyce heads out early to the health club, somewhat motivated, I'm sure, by leaving this chore in the hands of her barely competent husband.)
  • I paid some bills.
    • This, of course, is much easier than it was Back in the Day. Back Then, I spent some of each Friday evening writing checks, stuffing envelopes, addressing & stamping them.
    • Now, I use Quicken Billpay (and our bank site) and pay pretty much all of them by typing and clicking and sending.
  • We went grocery shopping for the week.
  • I looked at our recently mowed yard and whispered gratitude that I don't have to do it anymore: We have a lawn service now (very competent, reasonable with $$).
There's more. But I'm getting bored just typing it.

But (as I said) I wonder: How did I get anything done when I was teaching full-time, taking grad-school courses at night, dealing with our little son, trying to be a good husband (not always succeeding)?

Somehow, I did ... we did.

But now these wee things--these daily/weekly chores--threaten to overwhelm, to drown me in the Quotidian Sea, which, of course, is relentless.

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