Dawn Reader

Dawn Reader
from Open Door Coffee Co.; Hudson, OH; Oct. 26, 2016

Saturday, September 3, 2016

A Saturday ...

... up a little after 6 to see Joyce heading off to the health club to walk laps, cleaning up, downloading into Quicken some updates from the bank, posting a Daily Doggerel (link to today's post), updating journal, walking over (a little after 7) to Open Door Coffee Company (reviewing my most recent memorized poem (Edgar Lee Masters' "Mabel Osborne"), watching the vendors set up for the farmers' market in the Green), reading the New York Times on my Kindle, catching up on email and Facebook, reading fifty pages of Underground Airlines (a new novel I'll probably finish this afternoon--fifty pages to go), revising a poem I've written for my mom's 97th birthday (September 9), starting another poem, walking home (the market now very busy), rehearsing "Mabel Osborne" some more (silently, silently), chatting with Joyce a bit, sitting down to the computer, updating & downloading Quicken files, writing weekly letter to my old friend and teaching colleague Andy Kmetz (now in an assisted living place in Kent, Ohio), running to the Acme with Joyce (we both need refills on prescriptions), mailing Andy's letter, home to fuss with a scan of my computer drivers (an AVG program I just bought--we'll see how it goes), writing a quick note to our accountant (we're still waiting on an extension for our 2015 taxes ... getting close to D-Day), cleaning up study a little (not too much, mind you), filing latest book review I did for Kirkus Reviews, starting to think about lunch ...

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