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Dawn Reader
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Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Most Expensive Cups of Coffee--EVER

On Monday evening Joyce and I were in Kent, and we decided to stop at the Starbucks there next to the KSU campus--the place that once was Captain Brady's when we first met back in 1969. We used to take our infant son there for a treat.

When we pulled into the parking lot on Monday, we saw it was full (and there were cars circling the lot, waiting for the next opening). So I did what we generally do in that parking lot--which is often full, especially in the evening when KSU is in session. It's supposed to be a lot dedicated only to the businesses there, but, hey, this is America! Freedom! Park where I want!

So, as I said, I did what we usually do: park illegally (for a few moments) in a space next to a legal space while we race inside, get our coffee, race out, head for home. Our parking in that fashion, by the way, does not inconvenience anyone; we do not block anyone--plenty of room for cars to get by us.

Joyce, for some reason, was not too sure we should do this. She is, of course, far more ethical than I and is uneasy about even my smallest infractions and transgressions. Still, she was somewhat mollified by the thought that it was my turn to pay for the evening coffee.

In we went. Not much of a line. Good.

Then a young woman came up to us. Are you the people with that Prius out in the lot?

We were.

Well, there's a tow truck ...

Coffee forgotten, I headed out to the lot, where I saw, indeed, a young man was hooking up our car to his tow truck. (Insult to injury? The truck had a AAA logo on it; we've been AAA members since our marriage!)

I walked up to him. Uh, this is my car, and--.

He turned around, a sorrowful expression--with some sort of smile as well--on his face. Well, he said, I can unhook it for $45. It would be $90 if I'd hauled it away. Blocking a fire lane, he added with some gravity.

I tried to be genial. We can get a receipt for that?

Sure. Down at the Safety Center.

I had $45 in cash on me--barely. So I paid him; he unhooked us; off he rolled. I decided not to go to the Safety Center, where, I was certain, other problems would surely ensue.

Joyce--bless her loving heart--said nothing even in the same galaxy as I told you so ...

The only good thing? She'd bought the coffee while I was outside dealing with The Gov'ment.

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