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Dawn Reader
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Monday, February 16, 2015

Falling off the Wagon

It didn't last all that long, my ride on the wagon. The wagon named No Facebook.

Yesterday--Sunday--I announced (via my DawnReader blog) that I was inactivating my FB account for (my words) "days, weeks ... forever."

I guess I lied. I lasted barely a single day.

I would guess that many FB users--especially somewhat heavy (addicted?) ones (like me)--feel that the site sometimes sucks from you the very nectar of life. I know that I found myself posting more and more and more, found myself checking FB often--so often, in fact, that when I was doing my extensive stints of reading during the day (first thing in the morning, right after lunch), I would not let myself check FB until I'd read at least twenty pages. (That's kind of like saying I'll not have any scotch until after 5 p.m.--not that I drink (I don't), but I've seen the movies ....) Then I could not check again until I'd read another twenty pages ... Noble of me, eh? Such self-control!

Some things about FB just flat depress me, of course--I don't need to say what they are. I think they flat depress lots of folks. And as I grow older, as depression lies ever more close to the surface, I think, Well, maybe I should try to eliminate some sources of depression? And so I'll quit FB forever--or maybe a day. (Yes, I've done it before.)

But FB also makes me feel good now and then--almost every day in fact. I like being in touch with people I've known at every stage of my life. My brothers are on FB (not too much--but they're there). Friends from junior high, high school, college. Former colleagues. Hundreds of former students--from my entire teaching career--1966-2011. Joyce is on FB. I know: I could walk upstairs and see her, but it's fun to read her posts (she's not nearly the addict I am), to surprise her with mine. This one will surprise her, I know--because she doesn't yet know I'm going to re-activate my account in just a few minutes. I'll go upstairs and watch her reaction ... oh, the subtle pleasures of marriage!

Anyway, I guess I'm back on Facebook now--at least until the next time I get depressed and close my account forever.

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