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Dawn Reader
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Saturday, December 6, 2014


About two and a half years ago we plunked down the plastic (four figures) for a new dishwasher. (Our old one--about ten years old (that's seventy in dog years--and I think they are similar) had  served us well.) In a nearby appliance store we found a new one that we really liked--a POS brand.

Now, two and a half years later, it has died. It had been a mess from its birth--has been dying from Day One: the automatic soap dispenser broke, plastic pieces (glued on) came off, the rubber gasket began pulling loose every time we opened the door. Dangling there like a hangman's rope. And so on.

BTW: We are hardly heavy users--usually one load per day. The only exceptions--bread-making day, entertaining (which we hardly ever do), holidays. Most "normal" weeks, then, we run a total of about eight loads.

The POS company came out a few times to fix this new (expensive) unit (see above).  And then we had to call them for this: On Thanksgiving Day, as I was pulling out the top rack to load it, the rack fell off. No, it did not merely slip off its track; the whole rack fell off right on top of our "good" china (remember: terms like good are relative).

We waited a week for the POS repairman to come out. He came. Said he didn't have the parts with him (even though I'd specifically told the POS scheduling office what we needed). It would be another week or so. And it would be "expensive." So sorry.

Joyce sent a lot of (very unproductive) time on the phone with various representative of POS, who declined to take any responsibility for their POS product. So we told them to take a long walk on a short pier.

So today ... out we went to Best Buy (not where we'd bought the POS model), where we once again plunked down the plastic, this time for a 5-year service contract as well. And although we're going to have to wait a week or so (the model we wanted they have to order), the lower rack of the POS is still working (it can't really fall off, can it?), so we'll use it until the new one comes, or till the curtain goes up on yet another act in this sordid drama.

Oh ... I just realized ... the POS was not really the brand and model.

It was a GE Profile. "POS" is what we feel about that POS machine.

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