Dawn Reader

Dawn Reader
from Open Door Coffee Co.; Hudson, OH; Oct. 26, 2016

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Grrrrrrr ...

I think I'm fairly close to normal again.

It's been a wild morning. When I got back from the coffee shop this morning, my laptop decided not to boot up. I handled it well. Kept the volume low on the vile profanities issuing from my mouth. Fussed and fussed and raged, raged against the dying of the light. Was glad that I don't own firearms because my machine would now be in bits all over the room.

Meanwhile, I tried repeated re-boots.


More obscenities.

Then ... off I went to get a new one ("But what about a repair?" you ask--hang on; we'll get there), and soon was home re-installing programs, etc. Cursing some more. (I'd bought so quickly I'd neglected to realize that this new one has no DVD player--had to order an external one. Not that I used it all that much, but not having it at all is not an option.) Anyway, Joyce uses a desktop, and when she travels, she uses my previous laptop. So ... my previous previous laptop was no longer working well--slow as an inebriated stink bug. (And they, trust me, are slow.) So ... we both now have "new" laptops, though hers is now sitting in the repair shop, where we took it after lunch. I'm hoping not too much is wrong and that it's not a total hard-drive failure because I have some single copies of things on it. (I know, I know.) Nothing too critical, but still ...

Fortunately, I've been saving Word and other files lately on OneDrive as well as on my hard drive--and on a flash, so I didn't lose any writing. That would have elicited from me every fouler oaths. And made me even more ashamed. In retrospect. Not at the moment.

So, the words you're reading right now cost me about a grand to deliver to you. Surely, they're worth it?

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