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Dawn Reader
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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Daily Doggerel Moves On!

For several years, as many of you sadly know firsthand, I've been publishing to FB each day some "poems" I call "Daily Doggerel." I have a lot of FB friends (most of whom I never hear from--as they never hear from me), but I have some other friends (and family) who are not on FB and are thereby not available to be disgusted by my daily offerings. I want to remedy that.

And so I've begun a second blog, cleverly titled "Daily Doggerel," where I will be posting the daily drivel from now on. I will link that blog each day to FB, so those of you who feel sorry for me and read them every day (and sometimes comment--and sometimes "like") will still have no excuse for not reading them.

So ... today is the last day that the Doggerel will appear directly on FB; from now on--look for (or avoid) the link I'll post.

Here's a link to today's 1st post on "Daily Doggerel"--which features a little explanation about what I'm doing ...

Moment of silence ... for the (welcome) passing of an era ...

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