Dawn Reader

Dawn Reader
from Open Door Coffee Co.; Hudson, OH; Oct. 26, 2016

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Thereby Hangs a Tale (Tail?) ...

Shakespeare uses this phrase more than once--though the first time I recall it was when I was teaching The Taming of the Shrew to 8th graders back in the late 1980s, early 1990s.  The marriage between Petruchio and Katherine (the "shrew") has occurred; they are in transit from Pisa (site of the wedding) back to Verona (where he lives); his servant Grumio has gone ahead to make sure everything is ready for their arrival--oh, is it!

Anyway, Grumio is telling the others about an "accident" that occurred during the muddy trip home. Another servant, Curtis, asks him about it, and Grumo replies: Out of their saddles and into the dirt; and thereby hangs a tale (4.1).

Okay ... this morning I got a message on Facebook from a friend in town. Here it is: Inquiring minds want to know ... who is that rabbit you break fast with each morning?

I wrote back, telling her ... (see title of this post).

So ... so I break my fast each morning with a rabbit? Sort of ...

As the picture below shows, "my" seat at the Open Door Coffee Co. in Hudson is next to a window, very near the road (Clinton St.) and very near the stoplight at Clinton and Main. Over the past couple of years, a former student of mine from Aurora (decades ago)* has driven along Clinton with her young son on the way to school. He has a pet bunny. A real one. Every day--when the stoplight cooperates, and they pause very near my window to wait for the light--he shows me the bunny, pets him, etc. I once ran out and petted it!

One day--just this past October--I got the idea to buy a toy bunny. I quickly acquired a stuffed Peter Rabbit and placed him one morning in the position you see below. And I waited.

And it wasn't too many days before the red light cooperated; the little boy saw my rabbit; some joy (on both sides!) ensued! Our bunny relationship has evolved over the months. I will hold Peter and do something with him (scratch his ears, wiggle an arm); the boy will do the same with his. It's awesome.

Lately, he's been initiating the bunny-movements--and I've been the imitator. And it's a good thing: I was running out of ideas.

Though there are times when I, fussing around with the bunny, feel a little ... weird. Other patrons look at me, surely thinking, What is that Old Perv up to?

Some people have come over to ask me about the bunny (who, by the way, now sits on my table every day, even on weekends). I tell the story. The Perv notion evaporates. (Or so I have decided to think!)

Anyway, the Bunny Thing has become a time of absolute pleasure for me. The boy (and his mom!) seem to enjoy it, as well. He's probably thinking, This is way better than school! And--a former student myself, a former teacher--I agree!

*I've not mentioned their names--but will if they want me to.

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