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Dawn Reader
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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Frankenstein Sundae, 265

A little bit of a re-wind and an update. I mentioned in my last post that poor “Perkin Warbeck” (deluded? mad? power-hungry?), claiming to be the rightful King of England—not Henry VII—claiming that he was Edward, the younger of the two young princes (Richard III’s own nephews!), 12 and 9, whom Richard had ordered murdered in the summer of 1483 in the Tower of London—Perkin, invading England (more than once!) in failed attempts to seize the throne, was captured and hanged in 1499 at Tyburn near the Marble Arch. (Whew! Long sentence!)
A couple of additions and/or elaborations here. I visited the scene of that hanging during my 1999 journeys around Europe, visits to as many Mary-Shelley-related sites as I could cram into six weeks. I saw the Arch—and Tyburn—on May 5.
My journal, sadly, mentions only this—a list of sites I visited that day: 24 Chester Square [Mary’s final home—where she died]; Marble Arch-Tyburn; Bread Street [where Mary and Bysshe were married on December 30, 1816—but the Luftwaffe destroyed the building in World War II]; 14 North Bank [another residence]; Harrow School [where Mary’s son, Percy Florence went to school—as had, much earlier, Lord Byron]; 2 Nelson Square [another residence]; the Lyceum  and Theater Royal Haymarket; Royal Doulton.  Doesn’t sound like all that much, but it was pretty much eight solid hours of nonstop hustling.
What I didn’t mention in my journal is that I was taking pictures (35mm slides) with gleeful abandon, and I see in my folders of slides that I have some pictures of the Arch and of Tyburn. But when I checked, just now, I found there are only two—and both are very similar. So, what you see below are that slide as well as a couple of other images of Tyburn I “borrowed” from Google. Sigh.
But I also discovered, while a-Googling I was going, that there are some new investigations into the deaths of those two princes. Here’s a link to the entire story I found, but I can say, in general, that some other perps are in the picture now, including Henry VII himself.[1]

X marks the hanging spot

[1]The Independent, 21 August 2015. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/the-princes-in-the-tower-will-the-ultimate-cold-case-finally-be-solved-after-more-than-500-years-10466190.html

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