Dawn Reader

Dawn Reader
from Open Door Coffee Co.; Hudson, OH; Oct. 26, 2016

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Between Times

Those of you Of a Certain Age (i.e., my age or older) possibly remember a little book--a bestseller--written by crooner Pat Boone in 1958, 'Twixt Twelve and Twenty, a book of advice for ... well, for ME (I turned 14 that year, solidly qualifying for the Boone audience).

I didn't read the book then. But now I think I want to. Just looked on ABE.com and discovered that a 1st printing of the thing is just a bit under $100. I don't want to read it that much, so I just bought a later-printing paperback for $1.  I'll let you know what I discover in its pages ... later.

(BTW: Boone was the "clean" alternative to Elvis when I was a kid. My parents did not approve of Elvis, Dad calling him "Elvis the Pelvis." They would not let me see Elvis' movies. But I remember going to see Boone in April Love in 1958 (he had a hit single with that same name). It showed at the Hiram College Cinema, March 23, 1958. (Films were just a bit slow, getting from Hollywood to Hiram: April Love was released in November 1957.) Link to trailer for the film. Gotta order the film now ... oops, I see I can view it via Amazon. Think I will! The trailer looks pretty ... chaste, that's for sure.

Meanwhile, what I really wanted to write about today is far less weighty and grave than what Boone was writing and singing about.

It's now the time of year when I'm between "outfits": What do I wear today? Shorts-and-sandals? Or jeans and sneakers? (BTW--In Okla., where I grew up, we never called those shoes "sneakers"; they were "tennis shoes.")

It was a nice summer, temp-wise, and so I wore shorts-and-sandals virtually every day (I can't remember a time when I didn't), but suddenly, a bit over a week ago, the temps dipped, and I donned my jeans-and-sneakers again, and it seemed as if I would not be back in shorts-and-sandals until next year.

But this week it's warming up. Sort of. Fall evenings and nights are cooler, and it takes a while, even on a sunny day, for northeastern Ohio to warm up. So this morning, the temp here in Hudson was mid-50s, but my trusty Weather Channel app had told me it would be mid-70s by afternoon.

So ... on went the shorts-and-sandals.

Which I immediately regretted when I stepped outside to begin my daily walk to Open Door Coffee Co. So I walked more ... briskly than is my wont. (Didn't help. The coffee did.)

Here at home, the furnace is on (I'll probably turn it off by noon because the sun is full today--well, "full" insofar as is possible on October 4).

I should add a fairly relevant note here. Joyce likes me in shorts. Always has. A lot.

Another motive to wear them--perhaps the best motive of all.

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  1. Interesting blog. I like the occasional light touch...:)