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Dawn Reader
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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Not-So-Smart Day

Today has been one of those days: Smartphone Meets Dumb Guy.

Yes, today is the day I traded in my antique iPhone 5 and upgraded to an I'm-so-hot-and-you're-not iPhone 6. (I know: the 7 will be out any old day now probably; then, once again, I'll be an Inferior Creature.)

It began with a trip this morning to the AT&T Store in Stow/Kent, where (lucky me) I got a Professional to help me right away. She was actually quite good and got me out the door (with a somewhat diminished bank account) in under a half-hour. And the biggest surprise? I remembered key passwords. I planned to stop somewhere and celebrate on the way home. But I forgot.

At home I had to "sync" up on my computer. I kind of managed that all right. Then, getting my apps and info to download on the new phone. That took a little doing--until I figured out how to do it--feeling only mildly inadequate when I realized how simple it all was. Once I knew.

That's the key, isn't it? Everything's simple when you figure out how to do it.

Oh, and then I had some fun (earlier: this is out-of-sync (like my phone)) when I had to sync my new phone with the Bluetooth phone device in our car, which wanted desperately to recognize my new phone but somehow just couldn't get it done. (Like me in Algebra II in high school.)

Then (Einstein Moment!) I realized I had to delete my old phone first (don't know why), and when I did so, our Prius happily linked my new phone, so now I can be hands-off when I talk. Though, I have to say, that after reading (and reviewing) A Deadly Wandering by Matt Richtel (2014)--a book about how we just can not text-and-drive and talk-and-drive without putting ourselves and others at great risk (oh, we think we can do it; tests show conclusively that we can't)--well, I've quit using the phone while the car is moving. I never did text-and-drive, but I did talk-and-drive. No more.

So ... apps are downloaded; now all I have to do is to combine them in folders and then walk around and act superior, a status I've achieved because, of course, having a new electronic device confers Greatness upon you, right?

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