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Dawn Reader
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Friday, August 21, 2015

Just Time for a Brief Word ...

We're going to be heading out in a few minutes to take our grandsons (6 and 10) to Fallingwater, the Frank Lloyd Wright house over south of Pittsburgh. I've seen the place several times: a class field trip at Hiram College (American Art, spring 1966), twice I took middle school students to see it, Joyce and I have been at least once. We think the boys will love seeing it.

We couldn't have dialed up for a better day. Supposed to be sunny and moderately warm today.

We actually gave our older grandson, Logan, this trip as a birthday present. Two years ago. But, somehow, we never seemed to get around to it. And he enjoyed reminding us, coughing into his hand "Fallingwater!" Pretending. (I deserve the blame for his coughing strategy, by the way: I taught it to my son, who has passed it along. Oh, the legacies we confer on our young!)

Anyway, on Saturday I will do a more complete post about the journey.

It's almost time to uncircle the wagons and head out ...

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