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Dawn Reader
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Monday, July 24, 2017

Frankenstein Sundae, 350

Last time, I wrote about my experiences in London in April 1999 when I saw and photographed (from the outside only ... sigh) the house at 24 Chester Square, the final house Mary Shelley occupied, the house where she died. In that post I noted that I realized, doing the post, that I'd not yet scanned the 35mm slides I took that day (oops), but over the weekend I managed to do so, and below are a few that show the neighborhood, the house, the historical marker ...

PS--The blue plaque at the bottom was not installed until 2003, four years after I was there ... progress!  Link to info about plaque.

Here's an image of a Google map that shows you the location in London.

And now ... some pix ... Don't you love the sign? "Wife of the Poet"--nothing about Frankenstein or her many other writings!

you can see "24" at the far right

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