Dawn Reader

Dawn Reader
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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

A New Blog on the Block

Later today, I'll be launching yet another blog--my third--on Blogspot. I have decided to divorce myself from Facebook (for the nonce? forever?) and will be using this new blog--Stained with Variation (a line from the Bard's Henry IV, Part One)--to be the new home for some of the stuff I used to put on Facebook

  • ruminations on words
  • observations about the birthdays/death days/achievements of writers who have meant something to me (with help from Writer's Almanac)
  • links to news stories that interested me
  • photos of various things--from family to travels, etc.
  • snippets of thoughts, from quirky to ridiculous
  • brief memories
  • things that look like poems
  • etc.
I've been "under the weather" in recent days (a nearly week-long battle with a Determined Enemy), but I'm feeling a little better the last day or two ... so ... here we go.

Stained with Variation will generally appear at the end of the day, after all the clutter has settled. Hope you find it amusing/interesting/ whatever.

Here are the links to the other two blogs I'm writing:

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