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Dawn Reader
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Friday, March 4, 2016

How Did I Ever ...?

from Jell-O commercial, 1956
When I was a kid, there was a Jell-O TV commercial we all liked--a cartoon, showing a very busy woman running a household. "Busy, busy, busy day--busy, busy, busy day" was the refrain. (just found it on YouTube! As I look at it now, I can't believe how primitive it looks!).

Anyway--when you're busy, suggests the ad, make some Jell-O. It's simple ...

As I careen through the final decades of my life (I'm hopeful!), I can't believe how busy I am (no, Jell-O doesn't help), and Joyce and I occasionally wonder how we ever got anything done when we were working full-time. When I taught middle school, I was at work all day long, then often had play practice after school--or in the evening. I graded papers and prepared for class all evening long--and weekends.

Do when did I do everything that I now find so overwhelming--shoveling the walk (again today! grrr!), grocery shopping, meeting writing deadlines (external and self-imposed), preparing for upcoming events, visiting/corresponding with family, going to the doctor (an ever-more-frequent event these days)--the dentist--etc., getting the cars serviced, going to the bank, cooking, baking, and on and on and on ...

I've decided there are only two explanations: (1) I didn't really do those things back when I was working (patently false); (2) these smaller tasks now take much more energy and time than they used to (patently true).

So I reel through my days, sometimes feeling as if they're just a series of errands and quotidian tasks, and find, somehow, that it's suppertime and I'm exhausted. You might find it pathetic to learn I'm often in bed by 7 o'clock.

Maybe some Jell-O would help ... ?

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