Dawn Reader

Dawn Reader
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Friday, January 15, 2016

So Where Have You Gone, DawnReader?

My last post was on Monday, January 11. I've missed more consecutive days this week than I have in the entire history of this blog (I began on January 6, 2012--yes, that's more than four years ago).

So ... what happened?

Mr. Vicious Virus.

On Sunday night I was feeling a little weird (more so than usual); it worsened on Monday; by Tuesday morning I was a mess--feeling as if a little demon were working furiously in my throat with a Brillo pad.

Joyce drove me to the CVS Minute Clinic, where they pretty much ruled out strep but thought it might be an ear infection.

Started on an antibiotic

Did got get better very quickly, making me think it is more likely a viral infection.

So ... my bed and I became BFFs. I don't think I've slept so much since I was in the crib back in 1944 in Enid, Oklahoma. Or a teenager on Saturday morning.

Sleep usually works, but this week I've often awakened feeling much worse than when I'd previously been awake.

But today, I somewhat resemble a human being. I no longer sound like a demon when I speak--which is the reason I've not called my mom this week. She would hear my voice and think: A demon has seized my middle son! Just what I always knew would happen!

So I will take it easy for a few more days. No exercising or going much of anywhere--maybe back to the coffee shop?

Here's another oddity: I have read nothing all week long (except the funny papers). That is truly an Event for me. And for the first week since March 1999 (when I began reviewing for Kirkus Reviews) I have nothing to file.

But I think I will read a little this afternoon--just to see if I remember how. And hope that Mr. Vicious Virus has moved on to more deserving victims! (I could make a list ...)

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