Dawn Reader

Dawn Reader
from Open Door Coffee Co.; Hudson, OH; Oct. 26, 2016

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Stratford Sundries, 1

Monday evening ...

While we're in Stratford, Ontario, for the Stratford Theater Festival (eleven plays in six days!), I'm going to steal from my "Sunday Sundries" idea and just write about odds and ends each day--no extended posts (unless, of course, I change my mind, which dotards frequently do).

1. As we were driving out of town this morning, I realized--about a mile from the house--that I'd left behind the totebag that had in it .... our theater tickets. Brake. Blush Turn around. Blush Go home. Blush. Retrieve tickets. Blush. Set out again for Canada. Wondering what I'd done if I had remembered the tix when we were, oh, approaching Toledo?

2. As I've posted here before, I carry with me these days my father's old change purse--leather, the kind that you squeeze, and it opens like some kind of star. The picture shows the basic idea--though Dad's is brown. Anyway, I've noticed since I've been using it (late 1999--not long after my father died) that numerous
cashiers in all sorts of establishments--from Panera to wherever--have commented about how cool it is (generally, these are young folks telling me this). It happened twice on our drive up here--at an Ohio Turnpike Plaza (Blue Heron) and at a Tim Horton's along route 201 in Ontario. So ... an international phenomenon! I will add this little bit: When cashiers comment, I often tell them that it was my dad's--that, when I was a kid, I thought it was dorky, and then when he died ... priceless. When I told that to the young man at Blue Heron, his eyes teared up. So did mine.

3. As we were leaving Hudson, heading for the Turnpike entrance, we passed, on Boston Mills Road, two buzzards alongside the road dining on ... hard to tell (they were about finished). I'm not a reader of omens, but please ...!

4. When I let one of the ATMs here in Stratford suck in my card--the overture to cash--I got an error message. No $$.  I walked over to another bank nearby--same result. Panicked, I called US Bank and found ... no fraud. The 1st machine I'd tried had a malfunction, so they automatically put a "lock" on my card. All clear now ... we'll see in the morning if it works. Annoying in some ways, comforting in others.

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