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Dawn Reader
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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sunday Sundries, 3

  • We've been on the road a couple of days--visiting family in Massachusetts, seeing a few sites. Among the latter ...  near Glens Falls, NY (up I-87 from Albany) is what they now call "Cooper's Cave," the site that James Fenimore Cooper used in The Last of the Mohicans, a lovely waterfall with a cave behind it. The problem now? Much hydroelectric activity in Glens Falls, as the pictures show. Only the middle shot give you a vague idea of what Cooper must have seen when he visited in 1824, prior to writing his novel--and, clearly, they used a different location in the 1992 film (link to film trailer).

  • We had a lovely lunch today (Saturday) with my mom (94) and my two brothers (Dick, Dave), my niece (Bella), and Joyce. Lots of laughter and naughty stories spoken just below my mother's level of hearing--not nice, I know, but very fraternal.

  • Just an observation: Some species should never attempt to cross the lanes of an Interstate. It doesn't work out well for them.
  • Monday, we head down to Baltimore, where we will visit a wax museum that includes John Brown (Joyce's most consuming writing project). Then ... the long haul home ...
  • After lunch, rode around in cart while watching brother Dave and his daughter, Bella, play 9 holes at the Waconah Country Club in Dalton, Mass.--in the Berkshires (I used to play golf--then quit when younger brother Dave started beating me regularly & easily--a sibling thing, you know?). They both hit some excellent shots (and--let's be honest--a few of the other sort, as well). But as we were heading off in search of the tee shots on the second hole, Bella and I saw a coyote chasing some Canada geese (they got away). A thrill--though more so for the geese, probably.
Waconah Country Club
(picture from the web)

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