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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Victoria Frankenstein Awaits You--Again!

Yesterday afternoon, I posted to Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) the promised revision of The Papers of Victoria Frankenstein, Packet Two: Her Homework Ate My Dog (1995-1996). I had serialized this sequel here (M-W-F) from October 4, 2013, to April 25, 2014. Before I started the serialization, I had written only about ninety pages (I'd begun on March 10, 1998, then stopped for a reason I can't recall), and the final typescript ended up at 235 pages--so I added a lot during those months.

By the time I'd finished it, however, I already knew there were errors and inconsistencies--things set up and not done, things not set up and done anyway, etc.--and, afterwards, as I read through it, I noticed a lot of other problems, too, small and large. A little example: sometimes I called Vickie's school a "middle school," sometimes a "junior high school." Dotage? Anyway, I spent most of May clearing up all (I hope) of those problems (and probably creating some new ones). And yesterday I felt it was ready to publish.

And speaking of publishing ...  Victoria 2 is my fifteenth title on KDP. A couple of years ago (February 19, 2012) I wrote a post here about why I had decided to go to KDP instead of negotiating with traditional publishers, with whom I've had mixed luck: some great experiences, some horrendous ones.  Here's a link to that original post. Basically, I said that "time's wingéd chariot is hurrying near" for me; I don't have the youthful luxury of months--even years--to dicker with publishers. So I went to KDP and have been happy about it. I get a nice little check each month--but even better? The knowledge that my work--such as it is--is "out there," not on my floor and/or on my shelves.

I thought you'd like to see the dedication to Victoria 2--so here it is ...

For all my former students,
Fall 1966–Spring 2011

Aurora Middle School
Lake Forest College
Western Reserve Academy
Kent State University
Harmon Middle School

Hiram College

I am taking notes for a third and concluding volume to Vickie's story and will start serializing it as soon as I finish with Frankenstein Sundae, which I commenced a few weeks ago--a memoir about my ten-year chase of Mary Shelley.

And by the way ... you don't need to own a Kindle to read Kindle books. A Kindle app for smart phones and tablets is free; all you have to do is buy the title on Amazon, then download it to your device. And this new book I've uploaded is only $2.99!

Here's a link to the book on the Amazon site--and another link to my Amazon Author Page.

In the next day or do, another title will go up--Daily Doggerel, Vol. 5. I'll let you know when it happens.

Now ... enough self-promotion, so odious, so necessary.

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