Dawn Reader

Dawn Reader
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Thursday, December 6, 2012

What I Saw on the Road Today ...

... while driving from home to Becket, Massachusetts--about 566 miles ... will see my mom tomorrow!

  • No Smart Cars, but lots of Dumb Guys.
  • Several dead deer ... in various stages of disarray.
  • Some places where some bad things had happened--e.g., the Middletown exit 3W on I-84 in New York (I had a flat there a few years ago).
  • Some places where some good things had happened--e.g., the Middletown exit 3W on I-84 in New York (when I had that flat, I was less than a mile from a Toyota dealership--thank you, GPS).
  • Whirls of dark birds splashing up out of bare trees.
  • A "wide-load" vehicle carrying some sort of huge tubular container (clearly for underground storage use): it and its escort car flew by me (I was doing 70).
  • A lone hawk, roosting high in a tree, the sun flashing off his white breast like a mirror.
  • Exits where I always stop.  (I stopped.)
  • In Buckhorn, PA, an old guy very patently checking out the butt of a teenage girl who was exiting the mini-mart right ahead of him.  He smiled and shook his head.
  • A spectacular view on I-84 overlooking the Delaware Valley.
  • A group of hunters (a dozen?), wearing bright orange, rifles shouldered, walking in front of me, right across I-80 in Pennsylvania.  I braked hard ...
  • Too many semis.
  • Sunshine decorating the Alleghenies.
  • A V-shaped contrail that fooled me: I thought at first it was a flight of geese.
  • Very little construction (thank you, Winter).
  • No speeders pulled over.  Plenty of people were speeding.
  • No accidents.
  • Several people going 62 mph--until I tried to pass them.  Then the numbers changed.  And I said some bad words.
  • Several people, entering the freeways, who had never learned the definition of Yield!
  • Myself, looking in rest-area mirrors.  I didn't always like what I saw.
  • The Hudson River, just east of Albany.  (Not: It was too dark.)
  • Exits that reminded me of some things that were fun--e.g., Austerlitz, New York: the exit closest to the former home of poet Edna St. Vincent Millay.
  • The sign that said "Carter Road" in Becket ... here at last!

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