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Dawn Reader
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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Vocab Jokes, Part II

As I wrote yesterday, while I would dictate vocabulary words to my students for their weekly quizzes, I would occasionally offer a sample sentence that used the word in all of its punny possibilities--like Ensue.  Jack the Ripper stuck his knife in Sue.  Good for laughs early in the year, groans as the year went on.

Yesterday, I shared some Top Hits from the Eighth Grade Vocabulary List; today--from the Eleventh Grade Vocabulary List.  Laugh and/or groan as the spirit moves you.

1. truculent: The truck you lent me broke down.
2. vitiate: The fish he ate made him sick.
3. fastidious: My stupid friends ran a race to see who the fast idiots were.
4. sojourn: So, d'ja earn that money or steal it?
5. palliate: The cannibal felt guilty about the pal he ate.
6. purport: The immigrant kitties arrived at the purr port.
7. satiate: Say she ate your candy ... would you be mad?
8. choleric: You can call her Rick but she prefers Rickie.
9. saturnine: The woman sat her nine children down and yelled at them.
10. tractable: The farmer tracked a bull through his field.
11. protocol: If the amateur doesn't work out, here's a pro to call.
12. jaded:  Did you hear what Jay did?
13. descry: I heard Dez cry after class today.
14. servile: If you serve, I'll try to return the ball.
15. timorous: Are you going to the game with Tim or us?
16. petulant: The pet you lent me died.
17. sedulous: You said you lost your book, but I think you just forgot it.

Enough?  Ready to cry?  Scream?  Never click on Dawn Reader again?  (Me, too.)

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