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Dawn Reader
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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Is Everybody Ripped but Me? (Part II)

Not long ago, I wrote here about how every movie actor who pulls off his shirt these days seems to have come fresh from the gym--where he's been living and working out, 24/7.

Well, last night we saw One for the Money, a film that featured Irish actor Jason O'Mara playing a Trenton cop-on-the-run-cuz-he's-been-framed named Joe Morelli, a cop with Italian heritage.  Never mind that--Hollywood, you know, is the town that gave us John Wayne as Genghis Khan and Sal Mineo as Red Shirt in Cheyenne Autumn.  But at one point, O'Mara took off his shirt to go (chastely) beddie-bye in the apartment of Stephanie Plum (Katherine Heigl).

There was not one cubic micron of fat on him.  His six-pack-abs were so prominent he might as well have had Bud Lite written on each of the six..

I felt very inadequate, mostly because, lately, my own abs look like one big ab--more like a keg than a six-pack. I felt ab-negated.  Or abdominally challenged.  But, I bet if I just, you know, worked out for a week or so, or somethun ... ?

O'Mara flashes abs


  1. I covered all the mirrors in our house ten years ago and have even allowed the silver to tarnish completely.

  2. Where's that mirror from "Dr. Heidegger's Experiment" when we need it?